Viennese rolls (Handsemmeln) made at home

Baking at home is a regular task for me. I enjoy having a fresh, crunchy and lovely tasting loaf of bread and the house full of this bakery smell 🙂 I am quite confident and pleased with the bread I bake. But when it comes to Handsemmeln, I struggle.

It is common saying, that one needs to fold 10000 Handsemmeln to get them symmetrical and right. OK. I accept that my rolls wont be perfectly shaped (though they look quite nice to me) for the next century ;-). What bothers me is, that my rolls won’t end up with sufficient volume. Compared to the wonderful fluffy inside and hard crust outside rolls from local bakeries, my rolls fall really short at 60% volume and a crust, by far not so crunchy and hard.

Perhaps I am lucky and an experienced baker reads these lines. I would really appreciate comments here!

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