Cratered Moon Cake for Space Birthday Party

Creating birthday cakes is a quite difficult task, when you want to impress the guests and the birthday boy all toghether by visual appearance and taste. The task gets even more challenging, when you dislike fondant icing…

This cake is a stack of 4 circles in different sizes of white almond cakes. The cakes are combined and frosted with a mascarpone-yoghurt cream with a bit of black food color for a touch of grey.

The craters are circles of white choccolate with grey food color (use food color soluble in choccolate, others will break the choccolate!). I simply scooped the choccolate on backing sheets to form circles with a bit of uneven surface.

TBS Vendetta drone in a cake

A good friend invited a larger group to his birthday party. We decided to give him as a present a TBS Vendetta quadrocopter (racing drone). But how to hide the present in an appropriate way? Well… let me think about it for a second…

Every time I’m invited, I bring a cake to the party. So why not use the cake as a decoy or gift wrapping?

Fortunately the drone is packed in a very neat box. Therefore I could create a cake with a hollow core, matching the size of the box. I inserted a rectangular frame with aluminium foil and filled a larger load of choccolate dough all around and above.
After baking, I wrapped the drone box in cling foil, added a cardboard sheet to the top with more cling foil as protection. The package went inside the cake. The cake received a good amount of white choccolate mousse as frosting. For the decoration, I added several choccolate bananas, cookies, M&Ms and the like to mimic a drone. Real drone propellers did the rest for the presentation 🙂