A healthy food tree for kids school break

This time a bunch of kids were up for a break with healthy food. How to prepare the food to look appealing? Get creative!
In the evening before, I made a good loaf of bread. The sliced bread will serve as a tree trunk. And all the good food (veggies and cheese) get’s distributed around to shape a tree or even a garden scenery with flowers and grass 🙂
Dig in kids!

Food for kids – attractive presentation

How to encourage kids to eat more veggies? Prepare the food in an attractive an appealing way. Most of the kids will dig in even fruit and vegetables they usually won’t eat voluntarily…

On the menu:
A giant snake (Cucumber, round cuts of cheese, tomato, sausage, sweet pepper)
Egg-mice (boiled eggs, slices of carrot for ears, pepper grains or ketchup dots for eyes and a entire chive stalk for the tail)
Apple-Banana-Grape turtles (apple cut in halve with ornaments cut, a chunk of banana for the head and 2 grapes halved for the legs)

The fun part is, kids will likely assist when preparing the food 🙂

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